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Player Information

Name: Katy
Personal Journal: [personal profile] adala_albaharAge: 24
Contact Info: AIM: Jipaltara Plurk: damua
Other Characters Played: Suzaku Kururugi, Shion, Taiki, Romeo, Nesir Aeser (additional character slot permission here)

Character Information

Character Name: Samwise Gamgee
Character Series: Lord of the Rings (book)
Character Age: 39
Character Gender: Male
Original Canon
Canon Point: After the one ring is destroyed, before being rescued, after Sam passes out
Background Link: here
Personality: Elves and Dragons! I says to him. Cabbages and potatoes are better for me and you. Don't go getting mixed up in the business of your betters or you'll land yourself in trouble too big for you.

And land himself in big trouble Sam did, big trouble like the entire future of middle earth. At heart Sam is a simple hobbit, a gardener and yet he is an accidental hero who helped save the world.

Ever since he was a child (in hobbit years anyways) he was in and out of Bilbo's house filling his head with stories of dragons, dwarfs and Sam's favorite; elves. He consumed Bilbo's adventures and learned to read from him. Though he still had a hobbits natural suspicion for folks from any other part of the Shire (never mind the world) he was curious and wanted to see far off places and go on adventures like in the old tales he head heard.

Little did he ever suspect that it would come true. Sam is curious by nature. This makes him perfect for Merry and Pipin's conspiracy, in which he gathered information about Frodo and Gandalf in the knowledge that the two would never do anything to harm Frodo. This continued until the day he was caught by Gandalf. Because he seems completely incapable of any kind of subterfuge he was never suspected, which is shown again when he overheard Frodo talking to the elves whilst Frodo believed him asleep.

Still despite this Sam has no malice in him; his spying activities were done out of worry and curiosity. However they did get all three conspirators into a lot more trouble than they ever would have guessed.

His suspicion of strangers is something that stays with him for a long time. Especially when it comes to protecting Frodo. He is instantly suspicious of Strider for example, who he mistrusts even after the others begin to trust him.

Also his attitude to Smeagel: whereas Frodo looks upon him in pity and starts there Sam judges him from what he has heard. Therefore believing him to be a danger even when he is deepest into 'Smeagel' as opposed to 'Golum'. He sees him as an active threat to Frodo, which for the most part explains his attitude towards him: rude and bossy for the most part.
Sam is someone who shows his emotions easily and is reduced to tears several times both from sadness and relief. He is slow to anger but generally anyone causing harm to, or showing rudeness to Frodo will see this side of him.

It must be noted that Sam is always polite and uses the correct address to those higher than him in society (which in the course of the adventure is most everyone), but will still state his opinion bluntly. Especially if he thinks they are showing disrespect to Frodo. An example of this is his conversation with Faramir where he interrupts to ask the purpose of the line of questioning and if Faramir believed Frodo to have anything to do with Boromir's death.

Sam's default is cheerful, he is able to keep his hopes up long after everyone else had started to find doubts and worry. Even in some of the darkest moments he can find things to be thankful for or happy about. He has an almost childlike wonder about many things; which makes his seem younger and can make him seem naive at times.

However it is very clear that Sam does understand the very serious nature of things, he acknowledges that he doesn't believe they will make it back even if they manage to succeed in their quest and accepts their certain death calmly. It is his idea to get rid of everything they didn't need right then (so water and food) in order to get up mount Doom; throwing away their supplies including the pots and pans he had been carrying for long after any cook-able food ran out.

Sam can be very harsh on himself, often talking to himself and chiding himself for doing stupid things/forgetting things. Mumbling things his father would say. It is clear he considers himself for the most part stupid and not very brave; as he continues to mentally berate himself about even as he breaks into an Orc stronghold and rescue Frodo.

Which brings me to one of the most important parts of Sam's personality; his loyalty. This is something that develops during his adventure. He has always been loyal to Frodo in a way that he was the adopted son of his employer; and then later his employer. He cared for him and agreed to accompany him on his initial adventure when asked to by Gandalf. The elves told him not to leave Frodo and he assured them he wouldn't.

This loyalty and sense of duty develops as the adventure becomes darker and more dangerous. He promises not to leave him and sticks to that promise; finding him when he tries to leave the company and going with him. Right from the beginning he tries to make things easier for Frodo; takes more than his share of the baggage, drinks less than his share of water, gives Frodo the last of the food.

Most of all he is Frodo's sanity as the ring tears deeper and deeper into him, even as Frodo says things to drive him away he stays. He understands that the ring is Frodo's burden to bear though he dislikes that knowledge. He concentrates on helping Frodo get to where he has to be, carrying him at the last.

Ultimately, although the fate of Middle Earth is important to Sam; it is also huge. The fate of all his friends and everyone he ever knew; the world covered in darkness. It is a dire future, a massive quest that is far too big for a hobbit. Frodo went to save the world; Sam followed to save Frodo. Along the way he found an awful amount of courage and incidentally became a hero.

Abilities: Sam has no magical or supernatural abilities. He is a hobbit however and therefore has a longer lifespan than a human.
Sample Entry: Here we go
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